Fresh Florida Mangos delivered to your home.

Mangos are a fruit that capture the soul; especially fresh mangos from Florida that are shipped directly to you.  We mail mangos directly to you. Our mangos are never refrigerated or boiled.  Boiled?  Yes, boiled. Mangos imported from foreign countries must be placed in scalding water for between one to two hours to neutralize fruit flies.  This cooking process affects the mango flavor. Our mangos are never boiled.  Refrigeration stops the mango ripening process, so our mangos are never refrigerated.  We send you the same mangos that we eat.  Imported mangos also must be picked too early because of the long shipping.

Our mangos are hand harvested; we do not use processing equipment.

Our mangos are never:
  • Boiled or
  • Refrigerated

The typical grocery store mangos imported from foreign countries are both boiled and refrigerated; it's the double whammy on flavor. Our mangos are never boiled or refrigerated. We send fresh mangos in Priority Flat Rate boxes through the U.S. Postal Service.