We offer two options:
1.  Medium size USPS Priority Flat Rate Box (~9 mangos)   $59.99
2.  Large size USPS Priority Flat Rate Box  (~14 mangos)  $79.99

Mangos vary in size, so the number of mangos that can fit in a box is an estimate.  Most mangos tend to be in the 1lb range to form the estimate, but some mangos can exceed 2lbs, so it can be difficult to predict how many mangos will fit in a box.  We can only ship what is ripe at the time, so we have limited ability to honor special requests.  

To ensure freshness we try to avoid shipments arriving on holidays or Sunday, so we may need to delay shipment to accomplish that goal.  We will send a USPS delivery confirmation number after shipment.

Please contact us at the Contact page , if you have questions.   We cannot ship to Hawaii, California, or internationally.  Purchases are subject to the Terms and Conditions .